Ep. 7 how to be more self-aware

Do you know why you’re doing what you do? Do you notice when you make impulsive decisions? 😬🤐😤. When you develop an awareness of yourself you can be alert to your environment and its effects. This will give you a great advantage in life. Enter this episode to learn that you are capable of so

Ep. 6 The Dangers of Motivation

I never thought that motivation can be habit-forming. But our emotions have the always get the better of us when we are not consciously aware of the process. In this episode learn how to break the patterns that limits our potential.

Ep. 5 Why be More Spiritual

In today’s busy world our spirituality is often ignored. Worst of all our conversations around it are considered religious and controversial. However our spirituality directly affects our success. In this episode discover why and how to be more spiritual.