As I travel this journey for over 20 years in the field of personal development Nothing has impacted me more then the struggle for my own transformation. Wondering the streets at night trying to overcome the brokenness of financial and relationship failure I became overwhelmed with depression. My future looks hopeless. I didn’t want to believe in anything anymore. The hardest thing I had to deal with was that I served as a mentor is for others, but I couldn’t find my way out from my own darkness.  I ended up sleeping on the floor of a cold smaller cabin that served as a radio station in Ocala Florida. I question myself every night what did I do to deserve this. I begin to work on this radio station as a project developer selecting music and creating programming. Not really sure what I was doing with no experience and no training. I started to play music on the radio and speaking very little as I also deal with language barriers. But something amazing happened. As I began to share my journey on the radio waves people started calling in with your struggles. Pretty soon My mine became transformed. I knew now why all of this had happened to me. I always had a desire to serve people and make a difference. The difficult moments in life help me to feel the struggle of other people. I begin to use the training and my experiences to help others as I myself find clarity. This is where I develop personal freedom method. I realize that the biggest struggle people face it’s not understanding their multi dimensional existence. This is the reason why many people will never live the life they desire.


18 months after I moved to Ocala I fell in love and got married to an amazing Woman who I call my angel. I recovered financial stability and establish a local radio brand that serves the Latin American community in Ocala Florida. Since then my passion for helping people has increased and in our New Studio facilities we are creating a personal transformation venue that provides guidance to all Who are developing The life they desire. 

 If you very to discover your own personal freedom and to be transformed. Your journey begins the moment you decide that all your present circumstances have prepared you for life‘s most beautiful adventures

The resources that are available on this website have been created and produced from the lessons I have learned. It would be an honor to serve as your coach in this process. Check out the free resources that are available both in Spanish and English. We would also love to host you to one of our seminars or retreats at our facilities in Ocala. when you sign up to any of our forms you will always be informed of new resources and upcoming events.


  • 20 years of community leadership recognized in the state of New York and in Tampa and Ocala Florida

  • Vocational training and career in art and design. Worked with Matthew David design in New York City and Showorks events in Tampa Florida. Specializing Designing high-end events and project management.
  • Vocational training in culinary arts. Performed internship training with Windows on the world in the formal World Trade Center New York. 
  • Pursued nutritional informal education Due to his battle with autoimmune condition. Knowledgeable in personal healing methods dietary lifestyle and natural supplements.
  • Served A combined 8 years as a mentor into faith-based organizations. Developing Creative urban youth programming in the city of New York and in Tampa Florida.
  • Founder of life design international Established in 2008 which umbrellas multiple personal in corporate services. Project development firm for digital art, photography, video, and podcasting. 
  • Developer of personal freedom method. The coaching program the guides you through the conscious management of life. Focusing on the results of fulfillment, emotional stability and mental clarity. Tapping into the human potential to develop powerful life transforming experiences.